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ey ma n dis shyt dope
I lyke da part where it ryme
5/5 10/10 downloaded fav'd
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Forreal tho, classic Black Elf production.
Good shit.

I like what you're trying to do here, however, try to switch things up a little bit more with your melody.
I also feel like you could benefit from higher quality sounding synths.
Besides that, the hat and crash you're using are a little bit too loud.

Anyway, you did a pretty good job, keep it up!

ItsYuki responds:

Will keep that in mind, thanks for the review :)

Nice man, the only thing that kind of puts me off about it is the high hat at the start, might just be me but i kind of feel like it's a bit too loud. besides that, good shit :P

For some reason this reminds me quite a bit of the Dustforce ost.
Good shit.

ElectroLord99 responds:

thanks :3
the beat in this song just keeps my mind at ease. I used to beat box this beat alot as a kid haha.. :p
just wanted to share

Ey gek, lang geleden.
klinkt goed man! lekker bezig met Nexus zie ik, lol.

DJinside responds:

heey man! zeker lang geleden! jaja, komt nog meer aan!

Now i'm personally not into dubstep at all (you could pretty much say i hate it)
but this isn't bad for let's say something in the background imo.
As far as chillstep goes though i'd go with a more subtle bassline in the backgroud so it doesn't have that "rough" kind of sound as much.


ElectroLord99 responds:

Well it's more my style to have a rough bass in chillstep i think.. lol
it sounds cool to me :p

subtle bass just isn't how i roll i guess
thanks for reviewing this song tho :)

Hmm, this definitely does not sound bad but it feels like it's lacking something after you bring in the kick at 1:03, probably a low subbass would fill this void, i like the variety in melody. I'm personally not a fan of dubstep but at 2:51 it sounds pretty generic to put it like that. not saying that's a bad thing but it's not really my cup of tea. anyways overall it's a pretty good song. there's some improvements that could be made, but keep it up!

Peace out~
- Noisebringer

ExileDubstep responds:

thanks for the feedback!

Aw shee-

Sounds like someone's been playing xenoblade chronicles.
Seriously though, great song! keep it up ;)


This is definitely not bad.
At about 0:56 when you bring the snare in there's a tad too much going on (In my opinion)
It also kind of feels like the kick is a bit too distorted and is drowning the synth that you brought in at 1:35 out.
In any case, it's definitely a good song, keep it up.
I make alot of hardstyle / hardcore aswell, and noticed you were working on your first hardstyle song, could possibly help you out if you need it man :)

Peace out.

Dj-GST responds:

Yeah, I agree about the snare haha.

The synth at 1:35 is actually a tribal drum loop with some distortion and chorus effects.


Yeah, if I need any help I'll definitely hit you up.


Pretty awesome.

Hey, lekker nummer man.
Gefeliciteerd op top 5 :) Geniet ervan :P
Anyways i'll write this in english instead.

"Hey, Great song man.
Congrats on top 5 :) Enjoy it, :P"

Excellent build-up.
everything sounds just right.
The bass was nice and crispy, and i could keep going but i think you get the point!


Peace out

mjattie responds:

Dankjewel, het heeft eventjes geduurd (bijna 2 jaar) sinds de laatste keer dat ik in de top 5 stond :P dus ik ben wel blij ja haha

thanks a lot!

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